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About Element Vape

Based in Alhambra, California, Element Vape happens to be a widely acclaimed vaping devices and accessories dealer that has worldwide business operations. Through its official website, this company facilitates an indispensable platform where both green and seasoned vapers can conveniently access top quality vaping products. All of which are offered at extremely competitive price tags. This includes e-cigarette starter kits, mods, e-juices, atomizers, tanks, clearomizers, chargers, mod batteries, to mention but a few. This article will now take a close look of each of these vaping devices and accessories.

E-cigarette starter kits

This company makes it a point to provide only the very best e-cigarette starter kits globally, which it sources from some of the most foremost brands in this given industry. Some of the hot starter kits that it markets and sells include the Kamry K101, iTaste EP and even the iTaste CLR, the latter two products are from world renowned Innokin. All these starters kits specifically target those individuals who may be contemplating about embarking on a cigarette free lifestyle.


Element Vape also makes it its business to offer both electronic as well as mechanical mods, which it sources from some of most reputable players in this game. For those who may perhaps be not be in the know, the electronic varieties come with a microprocessor that allows the user to customize the output or even the temperature of the vapor these devices produce. Mechanical mods, on their part, are powered by batteries. However, when it comes to changing the temperature of these vaping devices, the user is required to make alterations to their venting or coils. Some of the most popular brands of these vaping devices that this firm provides to its customers include Penny Mech, Turtleship V3 (both from Infinite), and Sigelei 100 Watts. Not to mention other high quality mods from Tobeco and HCigar, which are also big players in this given industry.


Element Vape also provides a relatively large selection of atomizers that are again sourced from the most popular brands in this business. This of course includes companies such as X6, Kanga, Innokin, iClear and even Aspire. From which you can conveniently and in a stress-free manner, chose the products that seamlessly match your personal taste and preferences.


This firm is also highly noted for offering a wide and highly varied selection of e-juice flavors, which like all its vaping products, are obtained from the very best brands in this industry. This includes Five Pawn, E-liq Cube, Kilo e-liquid, Beard Vape, Cosmic Fog and even the Vial. This collection of e-liquids has been specifically designed to appeal to both newbies vapers along with the much more experienced vaping aficionados

Drip tips and other assorted vaping accessories

Element Vape also makes it a point to supply vapers with drip tips from top notch brands such as Eleaf, Tobeco, iClear, to mention but a few. At the same time, it also offers many other vaping accessories such as chargers, mod batteries, clearomizers and battery kits. From which you can conveniently select the ideal products to take your vaping experience to the next level.

Finally, this company has also put in place an affiliate marketing program , which allows members to obtain competitive commissions, simply by promoting the various vaping products it sells.

Vapor4Life Coupon Code

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About Vapor4Life

Vapor4Life is one of the most popular and trusted brands of electronic cigarettes available in the market. This brand offers a lot of selections and options to choose from. In fact, it provides the most amount of electronic cigarette flavors you will ever come across from an e-cigarette brand. The company also offers a wide range of starter kits, batteries and other accessories. In this Vapor4Life review, we will talk about various kits and features from this brand of electronic cigarettes.

Starter Kits from Vapor4Life

Here is a brief overview of different starter kits produced by the company :

Titan Slim Starter Kit – The Titan Slim Starter kit comes with 1 LED e-cigarette, batteries, 2 packs of cartomizers, slim charger and a portable carry case. Price – $49.95.

Titan Standard Starter Kit – This kit comes with a longer LED e-cigarette, batteries, 2 packs of cartomizers, slim charger and a portable carry case. The electronic cigarette lasts much longer. Price – $75.

Titan Ultimate Starter Kit – As the name suggests, this is one of the premium kits from the brand. Although the contents in the pack are same as the Titan Standard Starter Kit, this pack offers a lot more. It contains 2 long LED e-cigarettes. Moreover, it also contains a very stylish and elegant portable charging case. Thus, a smoker will have an interrupted vaping experience. He will be able to charge the electronic cigarette from a laptop or computer.


As mentioned earlier, V4L offers a wide range of flavors for electronic cigarettes. In fact, the company produces over 100 different flavors. Most popular are coffee shop, fruit bowl, menthol lovers, mixed berry and tobacco shop. Once you try flavors from Vapor4Life, you will instantly become a huge fan. All the flavors are delicious. However, your choice will depend on your own preferences, tastes and interests.

Almost every Vapor4Life review talks about the exceptional taste of the flavors. Coffee flavors are extremely popular among consumers. People will also loved the aftertaste of these flavors and continue to stick with their preferred choices. Some flavors also provide a strong enough punch which will make you feel like you were smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. If you want a taste similar to that of traditional tobacco cigarettes, you can even buy regular tobacco flavor.

Vapor Production

Once you start using Vapor 4 Life electronic cigarettes, you will become an instant fan of the vapor production. The draw will not require any substantial effort. It will be completely smooth. Moreover, it will not have to be primed. In addition to this, the vapor release of V4L electronic cigarettes is consistent and strong. Every time, an equal amount of vapor will be released. You will be able to easily test all the flavors you want without any extra efforts. Without a doubt, you will have a delightful vaping experience.


Vapor4Life is one of the most elegant and stylish brands of electronic cigarettes available in the market. You will not come across a more stylish brand than this one. You will be able to choose from a lot of different colors, including camouflage colors which look interesting, unique and cool. In case you’re looking for something cooler, you can also buy these electronic cigarettes with crystal tips. The drip tips from Vapor 4 Life are also available in a lot of different and exciting color combinations.

Battery Life & Customer Service

Vapor4Life electronic cigarettes come with extended battery life. Thus, you will have an uninterrupted vaping experience. Battery life is a lot longer than other e-cigarette brands available in the market. The customer service is also exceptional. Customer care representatives respond within hours and try to answer all your queries and clear your doubts.


  • A wide range of batteries and starter kits at affordable prices
  • Very elegant and stylish batteries
  • Many different flavors to choose from


  • A lot of options seem to be overwhelming
  • Flavors can be a bit difficult to distinguish

As it is clear from this Vapor4Life review, this is one of the best electronic cigarette brands available in the market. These electronic cigarettes are very affordable, stylish and offer a delightful vaping experience. With exceptional battery life, wide range of options, smooth draw, excellent customer service and stylish looks, V4L electronic cigarettes will win your heart instantly. In addition to this, you can easily buy these electronic cigarettes from the internet at discounted prices. However, make sure you choose a reputed dealer to place an order.

Apollo E-Cigs Coupon

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About Apollo E-Cigs

Apollo ecigs is an online electronic cigarette store that specializes in starter kits, batteries, accessories, and electronic cigarette products. Products manufactured by the company are of a high quality, and there is plenty to choose from, with a number of product pages on the company website. Free delivery is available on orders that exceed $50 and there are various shipping options.

With a wide product range, there are plenty of products available for individuals who are making the transition from a regular tobacco brand over to an electronic one, or those who are trying cut down on the number of cigarettes they smoke. Here is a review of Apollo e-cigs, with focus on the products they manufacture.

ApolloECigs.com information

Ordering from the Apollo ecigs online store is straight forward, with a number of ways to pay for your order. You will receive an electronic receipt which will be sent to your email address once you have made your transaction. You can even save money by using a promotion code – just enter the code during the checkout process to save money on your order. Check back on the site on a regular basis as there are a number of promotions throughout the year, including during the holiday season. These are promoted on the main home page, which is one of the first pages you will come across when visiting the ApolloEcigs.com website for the first time.

Products on sale

There are a number of starter kits to choose from, which include all the equipment you need to start vaping. Batteries manufactured by Apollo E-Cigs are easy to charge, durable and long-lasting, and generate vapor when an individual inhales on the device. Apollo electronic cigarette also manufactures disposable cigarettes, which don’t require a charge to operate. These disposables are available in various flavors, and you will also be able to choose the strength of nicotine in the cigarette – choose a nicotine strength that is similar to cigarettes you have smoked in the past.

Other information

You can contact an Apollo e-cig rep via the company’s website if you need further information about a product. Individual product pages contain a specification of the product, as well as useful information and photos. You can also use the search feature, which will provide you with a list of results based on your search query within just a few seconds – ideal when searching for a particular item, or when searching for a gift for a friend or family member who has decided to start using vaping products.

Vapouriz Coupon

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About Vapouriz

Vapouriz is a relatively new vaping company in the industry compared to many of its competitors, they have rapidly grown to become one of the most popular brands in the world.

Headquartered in Guildford, just 30 miles from London, Vapouriz has a focus on innovation and customer service, leading the market in technology, innovation and customer satisfaction. The best thing about this vaping company is that you can get special offer coupons that allow you to save money as you sample the amazing vaping experience. All you need to do is to use the discount coupon code provided to save money on your vaping experience.

There is a broad array of products available that this vaping company provides, ranging from variable and disposable voltage e-cigarettes to numerous tank-based kits. For instance, the Vapouriz Tank eGo is highly innovative in more ways than one, and has been said as being a powerful and flexible alternative to similar products on the market. Its battery has a huge capacity and lasts for anywhere between 6 and 8 hours with a potential life of up to 180 cycles.

Vapouriz provides an amazing variety of flavours that are suitable for different tastes and preferences. These flavours are available in up to five different choices, ranging from nicotine-free to the greatest concentration of 2.4%. Obviously, there are numerous other tobacco options available along with the conventional Menthol varieties, but many people may want to get the Tropical Pineapple option.

You will also find Gin & Tonic along with the Black Cherry option that is loved by many. Other popular options include Banana Cake, Apple and Pomegranate. With so many options available, you will certainly find something to suit your tastes and budget. Simply be sure to use Vapouriz discount code to make savings on your purchases and enjoy an amazing vaping experience.

Special Offer: 

If you want to try a more beginner and more cigalike model of e-cig, White Cloud Cigarettes is currently offering their disposable fling e-cig at a discount. In the disposable e-cig category, the White Cloud Fling is one of the best so this is definitely worth checking out, especially if you like to get an e-cig that’s as good as Vapouriz. Grab a White Cloud Cigarettes coupon and use it on your purchase at White Cloud’s website.

Intellicig Coupon

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About Intellicig

If you are looking for a suitable vaping product to go for, the Intellecig brand might just be the product you are looking for. The company in North England has been in the limelight since back in 2008 and has gained quite an impressive reputation over the years. This has been mostly due to their dedication in ensuring their vaping customers get the very best experience. But what makes the product a good choice to make? Look at our professional review below and find out.

Getting the nicotine in your system without the nasty fumes has never been easier. The Intellicig e-cigarette is a vaping product that operates on rechargeable battery, giving you the experience of high quality without the harmful products of regular smoke getting into your system.

The product has a sleek design that is made to suit vaping in whatever venue. Vapers can choose to go for disposable e-cigarettes or the rechargeable ones. Flavors are numerous and the nicotine levels vary from 0 to 15 milligrams for starters, intermediates, and heavy vapers to select based on their satisfaction and needs.

The Intellecig Product Support

On the Intellecig website, you will find a wide array of vape products to select from. It is easy to navigate through and order their products such as starter kits, e-liquids, juices, cartridges, batteries, chargers and refill capsules. With just a mere £19, you can get yourself the most popular starter kits. Their prices are extremely affordable.

Placing orders from their website is quite easy with their efficient delivery that is also fairly priced. They have a variety of accepted payment methods, including PayPal, Maestro, MasterCard, and Visa through the Sagepay platform.

They also have an amazing customer service team that operates from 9-5pm one weekday. The company offers a one-month money-back guarantee for faulty products on delivery, which is quite impressive if compared to other brands. Perhaps it’s their high confidence in their products, that there is not much of a warranty period further than the guarantee.

The Verdict

For a vaping beginner or even an intermediate vaper, Intellecig can be the brand to go for. it can also be a perfect choice if you mind about battery life, highly affordable vaping kits and good customer experience. Their products and the brand are just one of a kind. Be sure to use the Intellicig coupon today to save on your next purchase! Check out more e-cigarettes coupons from our site to save on your vaping supplies.