A life away from the Funklochhölle: These mobile games you gamble even without the Internet

Ideally, you can use long rail, bus or car rides to gamble your favorite games and pass the time. But some games leave you in the Funklochhölle ever hang. We can help.

More and more mobile games require a stable network connection to be playable. The reason: Within these applications, there is a constant data synchronization that can not be interrupted. In flight mode, abroad or simply without a hot line, the said games therefore like to fail the service. But do not worry: playing games without the Internet is the solution. We introduce 7 interesting mobile games for Android and iOS, which are offline zockbar – thus you can safely ignore radio holes in the future.

Games without Internet: These 7 games are offline zockbar

Games without Internet gambling made easy: Are you looking for a way out of eternal boredom? Below we share our collection of 7 cool mobile games for Android and iOS with you, which luckily work even without a stable internet connection and therefore are offline zockbar.

Small tip in advance: The said games often have to recharge enormous amounts of data directly after the installation. If your mobile contract does not come up with a particularly large volume of data, you should first install the desired games in the WLAN.

#1. Jetpack Joyride

The first application in our overview of games without internet is “Jetpack Joyride”. In the free arcade game you have to overcome numerous obstacles and hurdles in a maze labyrinth with the help of a jet engine on your back. If you are not agile enough, you will rush into the dangerous traps. The game works completely unrestricted in flight mode.

# 2. Altos Adventure

For about four euros you can buy in the Google Play Store “Altos Adventure” – a beautiful and technically perfect game in which you move by snowboard through a winter landscape. In principle, the game is an endless runner where you have to collect coins, overcome obstacles and gorges, and prepare everything in an atmospherically harmonious way. Android devices still have a free version of the game.

# 3. Asphalt 8: Airborne

The games in the Asphalt series are permanently enjoying more than 220 million players worldwide. The racing series game “Asphalt 8: Airborne” offers you five different modes, more than 40 tracks, and over 140 trolley pedestals to choose from. If you love car racing, you will love this game. But: Think before installing it, that you clear a little space on the phone, because the game requires just under 2 gigabytes.

# 4. Robot Unicorn Attack 2

The free skill application “Robot Unicorn Attack 2” is a game that also works without Internet or mobile. In the form of a robot unicorn, you move through a world of mythical creatures in the game, fighting countless monsters from hell and overcoming deep gorges. You get the chance to gallop at full speed and with nostalgic music through the enchanting fantasy world full of promises and dangers.

# 5. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Also, “Assassin’s Creed Pirates” by Ubisoft finds its well deserved place in our overview of games without internet. Meanwhile, the game has been around for a few years, but can playfully and graphically still keep up with current games and is now even available for free in the Play Store. Do you like exciting sea battles that are not just about blunt bangs, so this game should inspire you.

# 6. Beach buggy racing

“Beach Buggy Racing” is a classic fun racer game in the style of Mario Kart. Unlike the cult game, the game is available for free in the Play Store. The racing game offers you varied and colorful racetracks, different characters from which you can choose your driver as well as the obligatory powerups that you can use to annoy your opponents.

# 7. Geometry Dash

“Geometry Dash” is the brainchild of RobTop Games from Sweden, where you can control various elements (such as a cube) at the touch of a finger and move these elements through numerous, tricky levels. The game requires a little tact and is rather not for players who could be tempted by countless failed attempts to throw the smartphone in the next corner.

In addition to the free lite version, you can also buy the game in the original version in the Play Store for about two euros and thus unlock additional levels, soundtracks, achievements and the online level editor.

Conclusion: Tell the Funklochhölle to fight

Playing games without the Internet has never been so easy – hopefully our overview of offline games will provide you with a pinch of inspiration that opposes lengthy travels, stays and dead spots. Incidentally, the digital versions of classic board gamesare becoming increasingly popular, so we show you the best variants for mobile devices. Are you more in the mood for a small space expedition? Then let yourself be kidnapped by these NASA games into space .


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