A touch of nostalgia: These retro games are reminiscent of your childhood – only with better graphics

Do you want to go back to a time when you gambled your favorite games on the Gameboy or Playstation? Well, you can easily reminisce with your Android phone.

Everything used to be better – right? Well, not quite. If you are looking for an escape from the dreary everyday life, you do not necessarily have to dig your old Gameboy out of a dusty box out of your parents’ basement. Because: the heroes of your childhood can now be found in Google Play Store, sometimes even with better graphics. Are you looking for retro games that you can gamble on the go, so we show you seven cool games for your Android phone.

Play retro games on the go: 5 cool games for Android

Are you a true child of the 90s, so your heart beats at the memory of former classic games certainly higher. Want to play retro games on your Android device on the go and make a little detour to your childhood? Here we go:

#1. hatchi

Do you remember the Tamagotchi? The virtual chick was the former pet substitute for children and made these same children murderers at a young age – virtual killers, of course. Because the chick had to be permanently fed, or it was like to give up the spoon and landed in Tamagotchi -Sky.

With “Hatchi” the virtual pet finally made it back to your phone. Within the free game, you can play mini-games, hatch new hatchimals, and take care of them by feeding, washing, and stroking them.

# 2. Sonic the hedgehog

The cult hedgehog is also available in the form of a retro game for your Android phone. The game is regularly updated and is as fast and fascinating as it was back then. To the world in front of the nasty Dr. To save Eggman, you have to gamble through seven levels. Only the controller does not match the good old Sega Mega Drive, but many Android games have this problem.

Thanks to automatic storage, you do not have to start all over again when you restart the game. “Sonic the Hedgehog” is free on your Android phone. However, in order to adapt the game or move faster, the company Sega relies on in-app purchases for about 2.29 euros.

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# 3. Super Mario Run

The Italian plumber Mario is virtually the forefather of all retro games. The game “Super Mario Run” is available since late 2016 on the iPhone, since March 2017 Android users can play the cult game. The soundtrack alone will surely enchant Mario fans. In the game itself you will fight through numerous small challenges and 24 levels to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. The game is quite expensive with a hefty price of about 10 euros.

# 4. smash

Also “Smash” should have crossed your path before. If you know the skill game “Breakout” from the year 1976, you should at least know the gameplay principle of the application. The publisher Atari and the lead developer, Steve Wozniak, developed the retro game, which was still black and white at the time.

The Android edition, on the other hand, is colorful, but the gameplay remains the same: armed with a ball and a “pong racket”, you must fight your way through the numerous levels by destroying blocks.

# 5. Pac Man + Tournaments

The arcade classic “Pac Man” should probably be a word for everyone. As a yellow glutton you devour everything in the retro game that is not on the tree. The goal is to plaster as many points as possible while avoiding all sorts of ghosts.

The Android version comes with a great tournament mode and offers fun for hours, days and even years.

# 6 Tetris Lightning

The game “Tetris” has existed for over 30 years and is considered the best-selling mobile game ever. The simple puzzle game is almost addictive and comes in the free Android version with many new game modes and challenges. Thus, “Tetris Blitz” is also recommended for connoisseurs of the puzzle.

# 7. Dragon’s Lair

The retro game “Dragon’s Lair” is a kind of virtual film, because the drawings are by Disney illustrator Don Bluth. The action game was released in 1983 company Cinematronics. Now you can play the arcade classic on your Android phone, but the fun costs $ 3.99. In this classic game, which follows the clumsy knight Dirk, much goes on without the intervention of the player – this is not everyone’s beer, but the comic look of “Dragon’s Lair” is certainly nice to look at.

Conclusion: off to the land of nostalgia

With our overview of retro games that you can play on the go with your Android phone, you can set off for the land of nostalgia. Are you looking for mobile games that will not let you down in the Funkloch hell? We show you seven games that can also be played offline. But even the digital versions of classic board games are becoming increasingly popular. These are the best variants for mobile devices.


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