Attention! With only one WhatsApp message you make yourself punishable – even if you have not written them

A WhatsApp message with a specific content can really get you into trouble. This also applies if you only forward them.

The popular messenger WhatsApp has a lot to consider. This also applies in the event that you write a WhatsApp message or just forward it. If it has a certain content, it can be bad for you.

WhatsApp message with consequences: With this you make yourself punishable

If you think you can fill and mail your WhatsApp message with any content, you’ve cut yourself. Because if you do not pay attention or think, you make yourself punishable by your action.

This can happen especially in a WhatsApp group. Remember, which is also logical: Posting or forwarding racist or racist content can be prosecuted legally. In plain language this means: You will be prosecuted if you put such a message in a group or forwarded.

WhatsApp: Ilegale action without your intervention

But that’s not all: even if you have not forwarded the WhatsApp message yourself, you can take legal action against you. Because as the WDR reports on its website , anyone who has questionable content on his mobile phone can make it punishable.

How does WhatsApp find out? In contrast to the Facebook parent company, the Messenger does not check the sent content for criminal relevance. This means on the one hand that users can easily exchange questionable content, but on the other hand they take a risk. Finally, they can be trusted to know what they sent or passed on.

What can you do?

Of course, the best advice is not to post or forward such content yourself. If you get them in a group, it’s best to delete them directly from your phone. Then you do not make yourself punishable with a WhatsApp message.

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