Do not despair: You can do that when WhatsApp is down

It happens every now and then that the messenger service is down. Unless you wait, you do not have much left. Or?

Almost all of us use WhatsApp daily. Therefore, we notice immediately when the Messenger does not work properly and we can not communicate with our friends as usual via the chat service. Except for the disturbance, there is usually nothing else left. But you can do a little bit. We’ll explain what you can do when WhatsApp is down .

WhatsApp is down: And now?

If you notice a problem with WhatsApp, most of the time you will not be able to send or receive messages. It does not matter if it’s a text message, a picture or a video – usually nothing works. It does not help to restart your phone or to check the Wi-Fi connection. Or is it?

In the first instance, you may just assume that your mobile Internet or home network is causing problems for which no messages are coming in or going out. But that does not have to be.

Your first steps to determine if WhatsApp is really down:

  • Exit the app and restart it.
  • If you still have no signal, check the internet connection. Be it the connection to your Internet service provider or to your WLAN.
  • In the last instance, you can restart your phone again.

If after all the options still nothing has changed, then the messenger service really seems to have a disturbance.

What’s behind a WhatsApp error?

If WhatsApp is down, it’s mostly because the Messenger service’s servers are overloaded. In such a situation, all you have to do is wait and see until the application problem is resolved. You usually notice such a disruption by your messages not being sent out and marked with the small clock, or “Connect” being displayed at the top of all chats.

WhatsApp itself communicates in such a disturbance mostly via Twitter to tell the users what the problem is. Under the hashtag #whatsappdown you will find all important information at the right time. Portals like allestö keep you up to date. Users inform there in real time about the occurring problems and in which region they are.

Conclusion: The magic word is called “Waiting”

Admittedly, it is not much that you can do when WhatsApp is really down again. But usually the messenger gets his server problems relatively quickly under control again. Rarely, such a disruption lasts several hours.

But if it does, then it means for you eyes to and through and time after time to use different than hanging on the phone. If in doubt, just have an alternative ago: This app makes WhatsApp seem almost ridiculous . Or just go back to this new mega messenger.


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