On this bizarre PS4 problem desperate in numbers PlayStation players

Users of the PlayStation 4 have to deal with a frustrating mistake that only now gets proper attention. Affected by this are both the PS4 and the PSN.

Again and again, one or the other strange PS4 problem comes to light, which plague users of the Sony console. At present, a very bizarre example is circulating that affects not only the PlayStation 4 but also the PlayStation Network PSN, driving users to despair.

Nobody really needs this PS4 problem

It was discovered a strange PS4 problem that makes users literally fall into disbelief because of its bizarre design flaw. More precisely, it is about the limit for data protection in the PSN cloud. Twitter user Dizzy Ziddy recently complained about the “absurd” size limit of 100 GB. The Bizarre: Users can store a maximum of 1,000 things online, so that a limit of 100 GB can not be reached.

In fact, it’s not that hard to get that amount of PS4 storage in the PSN cloud, as there are usually dozens of backups for individual games. There are also many PlayStation 4 games that make the PS4 problem even more bizarre due to many automatic backups.

Whether the PS4 problem is a system error or a serious limitation of the files that can be stored in the cloud is unclear. It does seem, however, to appear as if the limitation was intentional.

No Sony statement on the PS4 problem

Sony has not commented on the strange PS4 issue yet. The fact that many PlayStation 4 users feel irritated by this is at least shown by the tweet, which has already been shared over 400 times. It’s also not the first time a PS4 issue or other feature has caused a stir. A completely unknown PS4 feature recently astounded thousands of PS4 players .


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