PS5 Release: This much-anticipated game is expected to be unbelievably good on the new PlayStation

There is new potential insider information on the PS5 release: A much anticipated game blockbuster will be released with the new PlayStation. That fuels the rumors powerfully.

The PS5 release is still a long way off. This dictates the numerous rumors about their design, price and games offer but no stopping. On the contrary, the expectations are already very high among fans. This is also due to new, possible insider information on the upcoming blockbuster “The Last of Us Part 2”. The technique of the game is said to surpass everything seen so far with the new PlayStation.

Long before the PS5 release: New information on the biggest blockbuster game

On Reddit, the user has posted TheTom8 that he may have received internal information about a new game blockbuster for the upcoming PS5 release. It is “The Last of Us Part 2”. The technology of the already eagerly awaited by fans games should be incredibly good on Sony’s new PlayStation.

The second part of the action adventure and survival horror game will be even bigger than its predecessor. This is not unusual in itself, after all, developers always want to surpass previous games, expect the fans. New is the information of the Reddit user to the PS5 release, Part 2 will provide lighting effects and graphics that did not exist so far.

How exactly that will look like remains to be seen. Allegedly, the enhanced facial animations alone are said to be four times more complex than “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy,” another classic from the “Last of Us” developer studio, Naughty Dog. In addition, the focus should be on a more intense atmosphere, the player should feel the constant tension of the protagonist Ellie, fighting in their world for survival.

Showcase game for the PS5 release?

The information of the Reddit user, however, should be viewed with caution. He himself states that he has received it only indirectly, even if it concerns two sources at once. Maybe they are nothing more than rumors. Sony itself is more cautious with official announcements about the PS5 release. According to recent leaks, the PlayStation manufacturer “The Last of Us Part 2” as a showcase game for the new console use. The game should demonstrate what the new hardware can do.

Rumor has it that “The Last of Us Part 2” will be released in February 2020 . When exactly the PlayStation 5 will appear is still unclear. Another alleged insider had last leaked some PS5 games . Possible first PS5 pictures shocked the fans though. More about the new Sony console is available in our PS5 Rumble Tracker .


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