Sony gives away a very special PS4 game – but free has a catch

If you’re a PlayStation fan and love the games, here’s your chance: Sony is giving away a hugely popular PS4 game for free. Under two conditions.

Sony is delighting fans with the opportunity to get their hands on a very exclusive and very popular PS4 game for free . Of course, the gift has a catch and is not accessible to everyone.

PS4 game for free: This game could be yours

The much sought-after PS4 game, provided for free by Sony, is nothing short of the popular and award-winning game “Astro Bot: Rescue Mission”.

But now for the bad news: It is not enough to call a corresponding Sony console your own to use the free PS4 game. In addition, if you do not have a PlayStation VR, you can not play the game because it is a PS4 game designed for virtual reality. These games are very easy to play online.

Not everyone gets the PS4 game for free

As if that were not enough, Sony seems to distribute the PS4 game for free, but also randomly to gamers. Chosen people receive an e-mail, as a user demonstrated on Reddit. The distribution should be so arbitrary that Sony does not even check whether the receivers of the good news about the free PS4 game “Astro Bot” even have PlayStation VR, as media report. PS4 is not too costly. No one can get it free.

If you run out of German as a user without getting the popular PS4 game for free, you can at least download the free demo of “Astro Bot: Rescue Mission” directly from Sony .

Do you still have a lot of older games at home? Then play your PS3 games on the PlayStation 4 . Incidentally, there is an unknown PS4 feature that amazes fans .


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