Telegram app has a huge problem – so its only advantage flutes

More security, more privacy, more privacy: All reasons why users opt for the Telegram app. But exactly on this point it is currently stuck.

The Telegram app promises you that your data like phone number remain anonymous. But what many do not know: this privacy promise of the WhatsApp alternative is easy to circumvent. This is a big problem, especially in group chats, where other participants are also present.

Vulnerability in Telegram app is currently a major threat

What at first sounds like a trivial vulnerability and is perfectly normal in messenger services like WhatsApp is currently life-threatening for activists in Hong Kong. They used the Telegram app to organize themselves, but the promised privacy is not guaranteed, reports the Süddeutsche Zeitung . The organizers are exposed to threats from the government and gangsters of the triads who support the government.

In the telegram app, you can usually set your privacy options. The Messenger service displays your mobile phone number only to contacts you have saved in Contacts. You can also decide if “Nobody” or “All” can see the number. That way, you can chat in open telegram groups without knowing your identity.

Privacy settings are sketchy

But this promise does not hold the WhatsApp alternative right now and even points to it in the FAQs on the website:

“Note that people who already know their numbers and have them stored in their address book can always see their number.”

This means that if an attacker has a list of phone numbers of specific persons and creates them in his address book, they are synchronized with the Telegram app and displayed in the group chat.

That’s how identities can be revealed

In the case of a security authority, an unknown telephone number can be assigned via a mobile phone company. Already the privacy setting is obsolete.

However, a Telegram spokesman emphasized that the app stops accounts that import mass phone numbers. But for a common account, it is possible to import thousands of numbers.

The Telegram app is often used as a WhatsApp alternative. Among other things, these features are the reason for that . If you are a WhatsApp user, these telegram tricks will make you jealous .


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