The end for WhatsApp? Facebook is working on an alternative

A new service could revolutionize the world of messengers. However, that could corner WhatsApp properly.

A new messenger service called Threads is due to hit the market. This WhatsApp alternative creates no other company than Facebook itself, in addition to not only WhatsApp, but also Instagram heard. But with the new app, especially a competition for Snapchat should be created.

WhatsApp Alternative Threads: That’s behind it

The close exchange with friends should be encouraged by thread and it should be a kind of companion app to Instagram. With this WhatsApp alternative, for example, users should be able to share their location in the form of Instastorys only with their closest circle of friends. For others, this content should remain invisible.

A similar feature already exists on Instagram: users can put certain followers on a “tight friends” list so that only they can see their Instagram stories. Exactly to this feature should attach threads. Then there is the sharing of speed and battery level.

Lively exchange with close friends

Currently Facebook should be according to The Verge in the test phase of the WhatsApp alternative. The company believes that focusing on close friends could mean some benefit to threads. Snapchat focuses on this aspect as well. Snapchat users reportedly spent much more time in the app than users on Instagram.

Somehow crazy that Faceboook wants to create a WhatsApp alternative with Threads itself. But that does not mean that the group is alone. Besides this app , the messenger service looks almost ridiculous . Even with this Android app WhatsApp can wrap up soon: It could be the new mega messenger .


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