The Google Search in more beautiful and faster: This app makes it possible

If you search Google Search frequently, this app is a must. Google Go can help you optimize your Google search.

“A lighter, faster way to search.” So describes the US company even the latest lite app Google Go, which should optimize the Google search . So far, it was only available in emerging markets, now Android users worldwide can benefit from it. These are the benefits of the stripped-down search.

Optimize Google Search: The Benefits of Google Go

From now on, you can download the application in the Playstore and try the improved keyword research as an alternative to searching through Google Chrome itself – but only if you have an Android phone. Why you should try the Google Go app to optimize your Google search, we’ll tell you here.

These are the benefits of Google Go

  • The search app uses less memory and uses up to 40 percent less data
  • Google Go integrates “Feature Lens”, a camera feature that allows you to photograph and translate texts, among other things
  • The app will show you trend questions and topics to save time
  • Google Go reads to you and marks certain words for a better reading flow
  • There are many funny visuals about pictures and gifs

The stripped-down search app is superficially used to overcome connection problems in the best possible way and make surfing the Internet possible even in sparsely populated areas. The advantages mentioned also speak for the use of Google Go. This app will help you a lot and make google search so easy and convenient.

A drawback is that so far only Android users can install the app. iPhone owners can not use Google Go to optimize their Google search. These 9 tricks help Android and iOS users with Google Search. Whether disgusting, unpleasant or time consuming, you should never google these 5 things.


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