These popular gaming apps will soon be limited

Who is a fan of gambling simulators on the phone, should be annoyed. Such games will soon no longer be accessible to everyone.

Apple wants to make the App Store child-friendly. This also includes protection of minors. For this reason, the tech giant has raised the age rating for iPhone apps with “simulated gambling.”

iPhone apps: Apple adjusts age ratings for gambling

In order to prevent children from downloading gambling and possibly developing addictive behavior, Apple has tightened the rules in the App Store. All apps in which the gambling principle often occurs or is in strong form, will now receive the age rating “17+”. If you’re of age, users still do not have to be for the risky gaming fun. Still, it’s the strictest age limit currently available on the App Store.

Under 17 is no longer poker

The change applies to all countries where the App Store is available and was launched everywhere on Tuesday. The category includes not only real money games, but also poker games where users gamble with a virtual currency.

So will Apple’s own app Texas Hold’em will no longer be available to the younger user group.

Apple is getting stricter

This is the second measure Apple has introduced against gambling on the App Store. In the past year, the regulation came into force that only companies and private developers may not offer such games in the App Store. The company wants to prevent fraudsters use such games for illegal activities. Additionally, since 2018, Apple has been restricting loot boxes and other items that require payment from the user.

Illegal gaming apps, however, are not the only problem: therefore, the App Store could be about to end .


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