This Android app with 100 million downloads endangers your phone: Act immediately

This app is so popular, you may even have it on your Android phone. But there is a dangerous problem: it spreads malicious malware. You should do that now.

On the dark side of power: Currently, a very popular app turns against you and spread in the form of a Trojan dangerous malware on your Android phone . We’ll tell you what you can do now.

This popular app endangers your Android phone

Again and again it happens that apps are removed from the Google Play Store because they attack Android phones dangerously, such as malicious software. Predictably, this is not always the case, as in this case: A very popular with 100 million downloads app now spreads a nasty Trojan on your phone. This is all the more annoying because it actually takes away simple things in everyday life.

The hazards of the Android app was created by the security firm Kapersky discovered . Also, we have already reported on her, because she allows you to scan with the phone . For years she has not caused any problems – until now.

A new “feature” suddenly poses a threat to your Android phone: According to Kapersky, the app now has a module containing the Malware “Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n”. This works like this:

  • The dropper extracts malicious code from an encrypted file.
  • This file downloads more malicious software in the background.

The dropper has already appeared on various cheap smartphones from China, but he has nothing to do with the WhatsApp malware agent Smith .

In a variety of ways, the CamScammer app can put your Android phone at risk, for example, through intrusive ads and the Android system itself. In addition, it could complete paid subscriptions without your knowledge.

Google deletes – and you should do that too

Google has already removed the affected mobile application from the Google Play Store. But that does not help if you’ve downloaded the Android app. In this case, you should delete or uninstall the Android app. Even with replacement apps that may carry the same name, you should do so.

Google’s system Play Protect is supposed to detect and avoid such Trojan attacks and other malware. Even so, it often happens that users have to delete Android apps because they pose a threat to their Android phones. You should also remove these spam apps from your mobile phone . In addition , these apps put your cell phone battery at risk .

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