Watch Fortnite Play: With this cheat tool you lose everything

If you want to cheat while playing Fortnite, think about it carefully. If you’re really unlucky, you lose lots of money and all your data instead.

To play Fortnite successfully , it is sometimes cheated out from time to time. One of the tools used for this can now be your fate and cost you a lot. Worldwide, 250 million Fortnite players are potentially affected.

When playing Fortnite becomes a danger

Security researchers have discovered that a recent hack is used to fool you into playing Fortnite, you would win. Instead, you have to expect a massive loss of data.

The tool made by Cyren’s cloud security specialists pretends to give you an edge in eliminating your opponents. In fact, the real goal is your wallet.

Not the only ransomware on Fortnite

The alleged cheat tool for Fortnite games runs under the name “Syrk” and the file name “SydneyFortniteHacks.exe”. The experts warn that the tool has spread mainly through forums for playing Fortnite through posted links to Sykr, As Forbes reports .

But it does not stop with Sykr. The same attackers behind it are said to have camouflaged an older ransomware called “Hidden-Cry” and released it on gamers. Playing Fortnite has become much more dangerous for you.

Keep your eyes open while playing Fortnite: you have to pay attention to that

If you have downloaded Syrk, you will get a 12 MB .exe file, which contains several files. During the download, the supposed cheat tool will do things you never wanted. These include the connection to the command-and-control server, changing the Windows registry to turn off the Windows Defender, and monitoring, for example, by Task Manager.

Later you will see a message requesting the payment of an undefined amount and a mailing address for further instructions. If you do not comply with the request within two hours, allegedly individual files will be deleted gradually.

You can do that

Instead of paying, there is another very simple solution: If you play Fortnite, just do not cheat. Such problems will continue to be part of the game in the future. Therefore, you greatly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of game hacks. Playing Fortnite should also be fun and not poor.

Proof of this is that Fortnite does not become an attacker for the first time. Only in January, a massive Fortnite hack was known. For some people, however, the game brings quite different problems. So Fortnite is responsible for at least 200 divorces .


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