WhatsApp is already providing new mega function in two countries

The mega feature was announced a few months ago: Soon you should be able to pay with WhatsApp. The first countries are already allowed to test the new service.

Mark Zuckerberg has big plans with WhatsApp. Not only the merging with Facebook and Instagram is on. The app should also get a new function: The payment function, with which you can pay with WhatsApp . After the approval is delayed in India, another country is to follow suit. Will the second WeChat be faster than expected?

Pay with WhatsApp: The second country gets the feature

As the news service Reuters reported Indonesia should be equipped with the new feature. Users should be able to pay there soon with WhatsApp. This makes Indonesia the second country to India to offer the service. However, the approval is still delayed in India, which is the largest market for the messenger service.

The group wants to make $ 100 billion (about 90 billion euros) profit in Indonesia by the pay function by 2025. In Indonesia, the negotiations are in full swing. The country is relatively strict on digital payment rules.

From India to the world: WhatsApp payments soon in Europe

Mobile payment, that is paying with a smartphone, is on the rise. With Apple Pay and Google Pay, the first major tech companies have begun. Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg also thinks about paying you with WhatsApp? With a new office in London, 100 employees will soon be working on expanding the technology with payment and remittance functions and launching them in several countries.

London was chosen as the seat of the WhatsApp payment service, because a test of the offer in Great Britain was successful. That made the Facebook daughter June 2019 in the Financial Times proclaim . In addition, the city attracts multicultural workers from around the world. The Messenger is much more popular there than, for example, in the USA.

Similar to PayPal

In India, users can already pay for WhatsApp for four years. Another reason for Zuckerberg to expand with the app technology. According to Unternehmer.de, the feature should be set up in just a few steps and be user-friendly. You will first be asked to confirm your mobile number (which we already know from WhatsApp) and then select his bank. The most well-informed blog WABetaIinfo had published the interface of the setup:

It’s a real-time payment system that works much like PayPal. The money is deducted directly from the bank account and credited to the recipient in real time. So you can not only make transfers to friends, but also pay in the supermarket at the cashier, as you know it from Apple or Google Pay.

“As easy as sending a photo”

After all, more than 1.5 billion people use the messenger, which belongs to the Facebook family since 2014. A corporate goal announced for 2019 is to “create new experiences” that will improve the lives of users, as shown by the January January stock market report . This undoubtedly includes a payment function that allows users to easily pay with their WhatsApp app on their mobile phones in supermarkets or make payments to friends like PayPal .

The payment service will be launched in Europe in 2019 , as Zuckerberg confirmed at the F8 developer conference. “Payment is one of the areas we can simplify enormously,” he said . I think transferring money via smartphone will someday be as easy as sending a photo. ”

A second WeChat

The model for WhatsApp’s new payment function is WeChat. The app, developed by the tech company Tencent, now regulates almost everything in China for its users, from messaging to mobile payment to the booking of medical appointments and gaming. Over a billion users are already logged in to the app.

This also has a big impact on the economy of the country. As reported by Internet World, Chinese online companies are now first creating a WeChat profile and then a website. For a short time, WeChat profiles even became identity cards . There are also these China apps that you should know . Not only with WhatsApp you should be able to pay soon, but also with Facebook .


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